Academy of Young Researchers and Scholars

The Academy of Young Researchers and Scholars (AYRS) is a scientific & academic community that fosters communication between young and talented budding researchers and scholars working in the different universities. Know More

Grey Systems Society of Pakistan

The Grey Systems Society of Pakistan (GSSP) is a scientific and research-driven organization promoting the new field of Uncertainty Analysis through Grey Data Analysis.The Society is under the supervision of Pakistan’s  Know More

Hussain Baksh Centre for History and International Studies

The Hussain Baksh Center for History and International Studies (HBCHIS) is a research center of AYRS to promote progressive and alternative view of history based on scientific studies.The Tipu Sultan Project  . Know More

Dr Abdus Salam Library & AYRS Research Repository

In June 2015, AYRS renamed its Library to “Abdus Salam Library” (ASL) in memory of Dr. Abdus Salam, the only Nobel Prize Laureate of Pakistan. ASL owns one of the largest virtual research repositories of Pakistan. Know More

GreySys Foundation Press

GreySys Foundation Press is state-of-art publishing system that provides authors from the developing countries and developed countries their books and manuscripts from the publishing housing. Know More

Corporate Social Responsibility Program of GreySys Foundation

1) The S. A. Javed Scholarships for the Students of Public Schools (SAJ-SSPS) – Need & Merit based scholarships that cover tuition fee, books, uniform, bags, stationary and copies. Know More

Journals & Publications

International Journal of Management Research – Call for Paper

Journal of Management and Decision Sciences – Call for Paper Know More

GreySys Analytics - Data Analysis, Business Solutions & Professional Services

A forum to facilitate and guide young researchers, writers, faculty members and university students on non-commercial basis Know More

Website & Content Development Services

Are you looking for an interactive and customized website at affordable rates? Feel free to write to us. Know More

Society for Peace, Education & Volunteerism

The Society strives to promote peace, education and volunteerism in Pakistani youth and students. The Society also collaborates with the Research Groups of AYRS and International organizations working in these areas. Know More