Dear friends,

The GreySys Foundation (GSF) is a unique organization of its type that blends positive traditions of the past with the new trends of the present while predicting better future for our young generation of students, scholars and researchers. We believe in delivering excellence in research, learning, critical thinking and volunteerism. Our ability to add to your academic, professional and social skills will allow you to lead in your career. We aim to create high-quality international citizens who are productive not only for their own nation but for the global world. Our people are the ambassadors of peace and advocates of research and inquisitive thinking. Our vision is to create a peaceful, research-oriented and tolerant society where scientific ideas and facts are superior to traditions and beliefs. We want industries, societies and nation where people are more important than machines, beliefs and talk shows. Our people are our asset! We are the pioneers in introducing the knowledge of Grey System Theory to Pakistan. We are the pioneers of several Grey Data Analysis models in the world of uncertainty analysis. We are the pioneers in providing alternative to traditional Statistical Methods to Pakistani researchers. We are the pioneers in forecasting future with better precession using our own models that have been recognized in the prestegious journals. We are pioneers in blending research, peace, across-the-board tolerance and volunteerism! Welcome to you in the GreySys Foundation.

At GSF, every year we donate a certain proportion of our income in welfare, community services and volunteerism. For us entrepreneurship is a way to eradicate poverty, alleviate unemployement and empower people of the society. Our philosophy is “people are more important than money but we need money to serve people more effectively.” When you seek our services, you not only get your work done but at the same time you help us in our efforts toward peace development, poverty & unemployement alleviation, and establishment of a society where the purpose of businesses is not to fill pockets but to empower others. We believe, the best way to achieve your dreams is to help others achieve their dreams. Welcome to GreySys Foundation!

S. A. Javed,

Chairman & Chief Executive,

The GreySys Foundation, Pakistan