GreySys Foundation (GSF)

GreySys Foundation (GsF) is a multi-objective non-governmental scientific organization that strives to promote research culture, corporate social responsibility, tolerance and critical thinking in Pakistani society, in general, and in the country’s youth, in particular. GsF aims to see Pakistan as a progressive and industrial country in the upcoming decades.

Mission statement: “Promoting efforts directed at achieving Peace in the economic and social lives of the people of developing countries, in general, and Pakistan, in particular, through Education & Training, Research & Development, and Advocacy & Collaborations

Projects: GSF is the spearhead body looking after following projects:

  • Academy of Young Researchers and Scholars (AYRS)
  • Centre for Engineering and Applied Sciences (CEAS)
  • Institute for Grey Systems and Decision Sciences (IGSDS)
  • Grey Systems Society of Pakistan (GSSP)
  • The Society for Peace, Education & Vounteering (SPEV)
  • GreySys Analytics – Industrial Solutions & Data Analysis Services


CSR activities - 6 years
Creative Services - 5 years
Website development - 4.5 years
Data Analysis - 4 years

Every year we donate a certain proportion of our income in welfare, community services and volunteerism. For us entrepreneurship is a way to eradicate poverty, alleviate unemployment and empower people of the society. Our philosophy is “people are more important than money but we need money to serve people more effectively.” When you seek our services, you not only get your work done but at the same time you help us in our efforts toward peace development, poverty & unemployement alleviation, and establishment of a society where the purpose of businesses is not to fill pockets but to empower others. We believe, the best way to achieve your dreams is to help others achieve their dreams.

Our Key Projects

  1. The Academy of Young Researchers and Scholars (AYRS) is a scientific & academic community that fosters communication between young and talented budding researchers and scholars working in the different universities. To achieve this goal, AYRS has established an multi-university platform. By organising regular meetings, AYRS brings young researchers & scholars together and offers them the opportunity to discuss specific research issues and find out more about each other’s fields of interest. AYRS owns one of the largest virtual research repositories of Pakistan containing millions of research papers and books, by international publishers, on almost every field of study. AYRS seeks to function as an academic platform fostering interdisciplinary and international scientific exchange, collaboration, and knowledge transfer amongst its members and other organizations.  AYRS welcomes universities, research institutes, government agencies, NGOs and publishers and provides a range of services to assist its clients from corporate and academic sector to improve the productivity and effectiveness of their investment in research. AYRS’s Centre for Grey Systems Studies (CGSS) is the first research centre in Pakistan for the grey systems research. The Centre is working in close association with the Society of Grey Systems and Uncertainty Analysis, which is operating from the platform of GreySys Foundation.
  2. GreySys Analytics (GSA) is a project for proving data analysis services to corporate clients while helping them in multicriteria decisoon making and reliable forecastings. GreySys Analytics deploys the grey models and methods developed by the renowned grey systems scientists that have proven to be more precise as compared to the traditional statistical methods.
  3. The Society of Grey Systems and Uncertainty Analysis – Pakistan (SGSUA) is a scientific and research-driven organization promoting the new field of Uncertainty Analysis through Grey Data Analysis. The Society is under the supervision of Pakistan’s first expert of Grey System Theory. The Society is working in close association with AYRS’s Centre for Grey Systems Studies (CGSS), which is the first research centre in Pakistan for the grey systems research.
  4. The Society for Peace, Education and Volunteering (SPEV) strives to promote peace, education and volunteerism in Pakistani youth and students. The Society also collaborates with the Research Groups of AYRS and International organizations working in these areas. If you are a peace activist, a reseracher on peace education, or a student who wants to join us, feel free to write us at

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